Bailiffs Gloucester.

Bailiffs Gloucester

Sheriff and Penny Bailiffs Gloucester was established in 2003, a then family business that has grown over the years to a national provider of Bailiff services to both the public and private sector. Sheriff and Penny Bailiffs Gloucester prides itself on a personal approach to business with corporate facilities, you will always as a client be able to get in touch with a director or manager.

Our Bailiffs are trained to the highest standard to understand the needs of our clients and always protect their reputation and interests.

Sheriff and Penny Bailiffs Gloucester Services

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)

Sheriff and Penny understand the importance of maintaining cash flow through regular rent payments. When tenants fail to pay, recovering what you are owed is not always easy. Under regulations published today, the landlord’s ancient right of distress against his tenant to recover arrears of rent has been abolished from 6 April 2014. For commercial premises only, it will be replaced by a new statutory regime for Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (“CRAR”).

Key aspects of CRAR „ 

  • Lease must be in writing „
  • Commercial Premises only „
  • Only applies to rent „
  • Landlord must give seven clear days’ notice in writing before entering the Premises to seize goods
  • Notices to sub-tenants to redirect rent will only take effect fourteen days after service„
  • CRAR may only be enforced by a Certificated Enforcement Agent

Authorisation to Exercise CRAR

Where there are goods to which we can gain access, Taking Control of Goods under the CRAR process is usually the best option. It is effective and it costs you nothing as we are allowed to impose fees and collect them from the tenant. Although the Enforcement Agent is allowed to remove goods on their first visit if necessary, this does not have to happen. They may be left on the premises under a controlled goods agreement while payment is arranged, thereby maintaining the landlord tenant relationship.

Authorisation to Exercise CRAR

Please download the form below, fill in all the details and return to us at


Forfeiture of Lease

We undertake peaceful repossession of commercial property, terminating the lease and handing control back to the landlord. We ensure that the lease is forfeited by peaceful entry of the premises, and will ensure that Notices of Forfeiture are correctly displayed, and locks changed.

“Forfeiture” is possible without court action where it is written into your lease and is possible where access is denied. A landlord can exercise his right to regain possession of his property against the wishes of the tenant if the tenant is not meeting the terms of his lease (e.g. not paying rent).

Lease Forfeiture Authority

Please download the form below, fill in all the details and return to us at


Execution of Arrest Warrants

Sheriff and Penny Bailiffs Gloucester execute arrest warrants (with and without bail) and warrants of commitment for many of our Local Authority clients.

We carry out these services in a manner that protects the good name of the of our clients, along with our own organisation through a professional and tactful approach.
A team of Warrant Officers with experience of court/criminal justice processes and procedures, sound Health & Safety practices and appropriate training deliver this specialist service.

Sundry Debts Recovery

Sheriff and Penny Bailiffs Gloucester are specialists in the provision of enforcement services to Local Authorities, we also offer debt recovery solutions to include the collection of Sundry Debts, Housing Benefit Overpayments and Former Tenant Arrears.

Our external recovery department works together with our bailiff facility, maximising geographical coverage and providing a truly nationwide service.

External recovery is undertaken by our own, fully trained recovery staff who are Certificated Bailiffs and have been fully vetted by the County Court, in addition to our internal stringent vetting procedures – so you can be certain of a professional and tactful approach.

Road Traffic Enforcement

Sheriff and Penny Bailiffs Gloucester collect Penalty Charge Notices under the Road Traffic Act 1991 and Traffic Management Act 2004.

We understand the objectives of our clients in recovering this type of debt from motorists and the restrictive timescales involved. Our collection rates have consistently exceeded our clients expectations and our clients testimonials demonstrate our achievements in this growing market.

Our certificated Enforcement Agents use the latest technology to keep accounts up to date. All cases are progressed through our system automatically and our quality control procedures ensure that clients’ contractual requirements are exceeded.

Council Tax and Business Rates (NNDR)

We achieve an enviable collection rate, using our team of professionals who are committed to our company ethos which clearly demonstrates our commitment to integrity to our clients and employees. This reinforces our company’s culture of transparency which results in our customers knowing they can rely on us to deliver a value-added service.

Property Inspections

By working in partnership with you, we can provide a short or long term solution to your property void inspections. We can undertake annual inspections by personal visit and reporting of all information obtained, including the completion of relevant forms.

By eliminating your overheads and maximising economies of scale we provide an efficient and effective service which can easily be incorporated into your existing service provision or shared service initiative.

For more information please call our Bailiffs Gloucester offices on 0121 246 2284 or alternatively email

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