Welcome to Sheriff & Penny

Sheriff and Penny was established in 2003, a then family business that has grown over the years to a national provider of enfrcement services to both the public and private sector. Sheriff and Penny prides itself on a personal approach to business with corporate facilities, you will always as a client be able to get in touch with a director or manager.

Our enforcement agents are trained to the highest standard to understand the needs of our clients and always protect their reputation and interests.

Our Services

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)

We understand the importance of maintaining cash flow through regular rent payments, instruct us today to collect any outstanding commercial rent arrears.

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Forfeiture of Lease

Bonds and commodities are much more stable than stocks and trades. We allow our clients to invest in the right bonds & commodities.

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Arrest Warrants

Audit and assurance is all about meticulous data analysis. Everything needs to be checked, double checked, and triple checked.

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Debt Recovery

This allows us to specialize in all dimensions of trades and stocks, because we have a specialist within the team for every scenario.

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Road Traffic Enforcement

We work with our clients and do a deep analysis of their business. We help prepare possible outcomes to different decisions.

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Local Authority

This stops companies from taking drastic measures like downsizing or closing down sites; those things happen only with no or bad financial projections.

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Process Serving

We allow you to enter international waters without having to worry about making a mistake, as we use our international experience.

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We look forward to doing great things with you
anywhere in the world.

Our Clients